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Tom Anundson, Dave O'Barto, and Pat Hulle, Consulting Foresters

...serving landowners in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia

Welcome to the best page in Forestry!!


Do you own property with trees/ forestland? We are here for you! Serious economic hardships are going to hit us all, but won't last forever. If you need to consider selling timber through managing your forest during this crisis we can help!!

Timber markets are strong, demand is good, and the timber industry is considered an "essential business" by the DHC and state governments.

To help you through these tough times we will come to you to evaluate your timber resources. Using specialized mapping systems we will walk your woods to see how much value is there and then talk with you at a distance or on the phone to keep you safe.

This visit is FREE and will give you a better idea how to manage for immediate help and recovery, and plan for long into the future.

CALL US TODAY at 412-302-0239 or 412-310-3291......